Espiritu infantil- Childish spirit

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Este post no va de ninguna persona en particular, pero para responder al apartado de “happy people” de este blog , el tema de los niños me vino a la mente, porque , quien no quisiera volver a ser niño? Aunque sea por un rato? No hay preocupaciones, no hay segundas intenciones, todo es inocencia, alegría, creatividad, entretenernos con lo que tengamos, imaginar y crear historias, personajes y mundos. Si tenemos la suerte de haber tenido una infancia feliz, esos recuerdos nos acompañarán durante toda la vida, ya sea en nuestra mente, o a través de sensaciones, aromas, objetos, juegos, que cuando nos los encontramos, nos remontan años atrás y nos sacan una sonrisa. Pueden ser compartidos, porque te los cuenta alguien de tu familia y no te lo acuerdas completo, o lo viviste con tus amigos de toda la vida, con tus primos, o con gente que ya no tienes cerca. Incluso pueden llevarte a vacaciones, navidades, o viajes.

Si bien siendo niños dependemos de otros que nos cuiden, somos libres de decir lo que pensamos, de expresar lo que sentimos, lo que nos molesta, de hacer el ridículo y que no nos importe, de pensar en qué vamos a hacer cuando “ seamos grandes”, aunque no te de un centavo, aunque sea ridículo, aunque no exista. Así que hoy la propuesta es viajar, a través de la memoria, sacar a la luz el espíritu infantil que todos llevamos dentro, hurgar en algún recuerdo feliz, o actuar como si nada te importe, cocinar la receta que tu abuela te preparaba de chic@, o lo que sea que te remonte a la infancia. Y para cerrar, fotos felices en el sudeste asiático y dos frases inspiradoras para motivar a nuestro niño interior.

posteado por trutheworld.


This post is not about anyone in particular, but when thinking about writing on the “happy people” section of this blog, topics related to kids came to my mind, I suppose because I wonder who doesn’t want to be a child again? At least for a while?. There are no worries, no second intentions, it is about innocence, happiness, creativity, and having fun with what we have. It’s about imagining and creating stories, characters and worlds. If we are lucky enough to have had a happy childhood, these memories will stay with us forever, either in our minds or through evoking sensations, aromas, objects and games, that, when found, take us back in time and make us smile. Childhood memories can be shared, because someone from your family helps you build the full story since you may not remember it completely, can be relived with your friends, cousins, or may include people who are not with you anymore. Memories can also take you back to a special vacation, christmas or trips.

Even though, as children, we depend on someone else taking care of us, we are free to say what we think, to express how we feel or what bothers us without worrying about other people’s opinion. We can act like complete fools without caring at all, we can decide what we will do when we are “grown ups”, no matter if your chosen profession won’t give you a penny, if it is ridiculous, if it doesn’t exist. For all these reasons, the proposal today is to travel through memories, to bring out the childish spirit we all have inside, to search deep in our hearts for a happy story, to act as if nothing else matters, or to cook that special recipe your grandma made especially for you. In a nutshell, whatever makes you feel like a child again. And to put you in the mood for that, some happy pictures from south east Asia plus two inspirational quotes to motivate our inner child today.

posted by trutheworld.





don't grow up its a trap

stay hungry stay foolish



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